Samsung galaxy s3 facebook login failed

Ok, so I have two separate problems for two separate apps. The first is in the Instagram app. I just recieved this phone from the carrier FreedomPop which runs of Sprint towers. Insta was the first app I downloaded. The phone just came out of a factory reset and I soft reset to be sure but no luck. The next problem is with the Snapchat app. Also just downloaded and signed in so not a cache or data problem.

How to Fix Facebook Error 602 in Android

None of my messages or stories are loading. Please help!!! First, check if your phone has any new software updates available and apply them.

Troubleshooting Facebook Authentication Failed on Samsung Galaxy S3

These updates may contain certain bug fixes that may resolve your app issues. Regarding the issue with Snapchat try to make sure first that the phone has a good Internet connection. JarradDD Lurker.

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Nov 3, 1 0 5. This only works if you could initially sync but it stopped working Hey mate i have the same issue, when i took out my sim card and put in another when i returned to mine i could no longer sync with facebook. I dont have a solution but i do have a work around. If you have a second email address, go into facebook and in accounts, account-settings add your second e-mail into the the emails that can access facebook. Then go back to accounts and sync on your phone and use this e-mail to access your facebook and hey presto you can sync again.

I have no idea why you cant sync with the old one but at least this allows you to sync. Hope this helps. Nov 22, 2 0 5. Jan 12, 2 0 5.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 General App Related Issues

I had the same problem. Then I noticed that when I tried to login from the desktop, it told me that that email had been removed from my account. Ahh, yes, I remember I had been loging in with an outdated Hotmail account address, and I'd removed it from my account. When the session expired, it wouldn't let me log into the site again apparently throwing that meaningless try again later error.

Samsung Galaxy S3 cannot access the Internet. How to fix the problem?

The fix was to login with the remaining email address that I hadn't deleted. Then everything worked. MasterCronus Lurker. Jun 8, 1 0 5. Sep 20, 77 0 Aug 5, 5, 2, Male PA. Nov 26, 5 0 5. JNasty Lurker.

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