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Bulletin has some settings you need to adjust before getting the most out of it. Celeste Bluetooth takes care of this and lets you share stuffs between your device and other bluetooth enabled devices. Please note that these Cydia repositories are known to distribute paid apps for free which I do not encourage. The only reason I share them is only for the sake of sharing information and nothing else.

  • The Best Jailbreak Apps For The iPhone 4S [Jailbreak] | Cult of Mac.
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  • 17 Must-have Cydia Tweaks for iOS and Repos for Free Apps After Jailbreak.

If you really appreciate these developers working their asses out trying to create cool apps for you, be kind enough to give up a dollar or two to purchase it. Enough said. Like I said, these sources are rather notorious for distributing paid apps for free and if you really love those apps, I listed them above along with their official price and repository to get them. It can be your own little way of encouraging developers and contributing to the jailbreak community.

The best jailbreak apps in Cydia

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It was really unique and thought provoking! Agreed, Intelliscreen X is much too expensive and the way it is now, there is no cracked version of it in any repo. Appsync only lets you sync downloaded. It just works. Copy the. Nice compilation. Some of my all time favorite tweaks.

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These tweaks make worth jailbreaking your iPhone for. Thanks Don for sharing.

Top 100 BEST FREE iOS 9.3.3 Cydia Tweaks!

This would prevent me from having to enter it, hit edit, scroll down, and then hit delete. Again, I will pay!

17 Must-have Cydia Tweaks for iOS 6.1.3 and Repos for Free Apps After Jailbreak

This insanely detailed extension takes your iOS 5 Notification Center to the next level. IntelliScreenX brings functionality to the Notification Center drop-down window that Apple should have included by default. There are multiple pages added to your Notification Center for quickly checking your Mail, Twitter and Facebook. Everything you need to see is in one place. One of the many perks of jailbreaking is the ability to theme your iPhone. You can make iOS look like just about anything, whether it be Windows Phone 7 or even Android we know, ew. Springtomize 2 is the combination of dozens of other miscellaneous jailbreak tweaks that have been in the spotlight over the years.

MyWi is widely considered the ultimate tethering tool for jailbreakers. You can add folders within folders, change folder backgrounds and animations, and add an infinite numbers of apps to each folder. Very nice. Think of iFile as Finder for your iPhone.

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  • The Best Jailbreak Apps For The iPhone 4S [Jailbreak].
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Apple hides the iOS filesystem by default, but iFile reveals all to devious jailbreakers. As a long-time hall of fame jailbreak app, the latest version of biteSMS replaces the default iOS messaging system. You can quick compose and reply to incoming SMS messages from anywhere, including the lock screen.

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  5. Best Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks For Your iPhone?
  6. PkgBackup can use Dropbox to wirelessly backup your data to the cloud. You can store all of the gritty, jailbroken details away for a quick restore later. Looking for more jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS Check out the iOS Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Please find below a brief description of each jailbreak tweak that was showcased in the video above: StatusSwitcher StatusSwitcher shows the status bar in the app switcher.

    It is free via Packix repository. TweakCompatible TweakCompatible adds a way to check tweak compatibility. Cylinder Cylinder is an amazing jailbreak tweak that animates the Home screen app icons as you navigate from one page to another.